Forget About Pre-made Options & Start Showing Your Most Valuable Asset, You!

Hair and skin are an extension of our identity, Valrie Alexander, the founder of Power Beauty Unlimited, understands this and is committed to filling a void by giving her community and customers wigs that are unique to their beauty, not just the standard pre-made construction.


You've come to the best place if you've lost your hair for any reason and want a custom wig that will look almost exactly like real hair. With complete assurance, we can state that we manufacture versatile and natural looking wigs.

To help you boost your confidence, power beauty unlimited is here to create the custom-made wigs you need. To find out more about our wigs, contact us.


So, what is it that sets our wigs apart? To begin, we mold your head to make a wig that fits you like a second skin. We also take into account your preferences and ideas while designing a wig with you. We can make them in any color, length, or textured pattern you can imagine. We can dye your hair the same color as your previous style if you'd like. We can also accommodate requests for alternative lengths, colors, and cuts.

It is safe to say that our wigs are unlike any others on the market. Each wig is custom-made to the specifications of the client, and we spare no effort in achieving this goal. Closures, toppers, frontals, and toupees are other products that we also design.


Since we are not a salon or wig vendor, you can rest assured that when you order a wig from us, you will experience the specialized attention you need from our custom wig maker, who specializes in cap construction and ventilation. We have years of experience making wigs. To keep you looking and feeling your best and boost your self-assurance. It is possible to get a top piece or wig made to look exactly like your natural hair.

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