What We Do

The Mission

Power Beauty Unlimited understands that our hair and skin are an extension of our identity. Valrie Alexander, the founder is committed to filling a void by giving her community and customers wigs that are unique to their beauty, not the standard pre-made construction, that if not customized can hide your most valuable asset, YOU!.  

My Name is Valrie Alexander. I am a licensed hairstylist, certified cranial prosthesis specialist, and I have alopecia areata. Since the age of 15, I gradually started to lose my hair. After diagnosis, I had to deal with the reality that eventually I will have NO hair and will require the help of hair extensions and eventually wigs. In 2019 The birth of Power Beauty Unlimited Hair and Beauty Supply started. Ultimately I was avoiding my calling and hiding my true self. Today I am confident that I am here to provide a needed service to my community and customers by offering wigs and hairpieces that give women and men back their confidence to be their true selves. My mission is to provide our best quality and craftsmanship and give you the attention you deserve to help you on your journey. The mission. #itsamovement