Wig Repair/Revive

Wig Repair/Revive

Wig Repair/Revive
Consultation fee

Is your wig balding? has a couple of holes or just needs to be given some life? DON'T THROW THAT WIG OUT! Give your old units a fresh start with our wig refresh/repair service.  

Wig repair is a process of restoring the functionality and appearance of a wig that has become damaged or worn out. Common issues that require wig repair include balding or thinning areas, holes or tears, and worn out closures or lace frontals. These problems can occur due to various reasons such as wear and tear, improper maintenance, or natural wear.

Power Beauty Unlimited is a certified provider of wig repair services, with a team of experienced and skilled professionals who are trained to handle a wide range of wig repair issues. They use the latest techniques and materials to restore damaged wigs to their original condition, ensuring that they look and feel natural.

The repair process begins with a thorough examination of the wig to determine the extent of the damage and the best course of action. The team will then proceed to repair any balding or thinning areas by adding new hair, and patch up any holes or tears using specialized techniques. For wigs with worn-out closures or lace frontals, the team can replace them with new ones to restore the wig's natural look and functionality.

Power Beauty Unlimited takes pride in their commitment to quality, using only the best materials and techniques in their repairs. They understand that a wig is an important accessory for many people, and aim to provide a quick and efficient turnaround time for their services.

In conclusion, if you have a wig that needs repair due to balding, holes, or worn-out closures, Power Beauty Unlimited is a certified and trustworthy provider that can help restore your wig to its original condition.

Wig repair service price starts at $65 and may go up in price depending on specific needs. 

The $20 consultation fee will be credited towards paid service.

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