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Power Beauty Unlimited

You Have The Power

Power Beauty Unlimited is your number one source for non-surgical hair replacement services and custom wig construction services. Get your custom designed cranial prosthesis if you are experiencing hair loss due to a medical condition as a result of medical treatment or simply want a custom unit designed to make you feel and look your best. “Power & Beauty Starts Within”.

Forget About Pre-made Options & Start Showing Your Most Valuable Asset, You!

Hair and skin are extensions of our identity, Valrie Alexander, the founder of Power Beauty Unlimited, understands this and is committed to filling a void by giving her community and customers wigs that are unique to their beauty, not just the standard pre-made construction.


Our Team is Here for You Every Step of the Way

Regain Your Self-Confidence & Reflect Your True Self on the Outside

We are the hair loss experts and are here to help you present your best appearance and boost your self-confidence.

Are you tired of dealing with hair loss? Schedule a consultation to explore our range of holistic treatments tailored to address your concerns. From natural remedies to medical-grade solutions, we offer comprehensive options to promote hair growth and restore confidence.

Our holistic approach encompasses lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, and proven techniques to stimulate hair follicles and encourage regrowth. Experience the benefits of personalized care and evidence-based practices, all aimed at supporting your journey to healthier, fuller hair.

In addition, we provide access to premium-quality medical wigs crafted with comfort and style in mind. Designed to mimic natural hair, our custom units offer a seamless solution for those seeking immediate coverage and versatility.

Take the first step towards reclaiming your hair and confidence today. Explore our holistic hair loss treatments and discover the difference they can make in your life.